Missing Classmates


Help Us Locate Our Classmates 

Over the past several years we have worked hard to locate each and everyone who either attended Hackett and O'Brien, for one or more years, and everyone who walked down the aisle with us.

Our hard work has paid off, as we have very few classmates which we have not located and who have not been notified of our reunions and other news.

We have listed the classmates we have yet to locate, below. If you know how to reach them, please share the information with you. We will do no more than invite them to our celebration.

If you are not comfortable with sharing their information, please call or email them, notify them that we are attempting to reach them, and pass along this web site and/or our contact information. 

Those We Are Still Attempting To Reach:

Mary McDade - Last known address was in Denver, CO, but not even sure that was correct.

Mike Ryan is not necessarily missing - he was in Brazil, but we are not sure if he is still there or not. We were unable to get an invitation to him, last reunion, as we did not have a complete address in Bahia, Brazil. If anyone has a good address, email address, or phone number, please let us know.







Mike Anselmo (1979)
John Bis -Deceased 2010
Doug Burke (2002)
Kathleen (Cathy) Marie Burke (Roos)
Marty Campell (Teemer 2009)
Don Decker (1976)
Ramon "Ray" Garza (2008)
Tuffy Hammeran
Brian Henley (2013)
Scott Hurlbert (2009)
Gary L Kucinich (1992)
Barb Laing
Rosemary Lamorandier (Heffner -2016)
Michael Lyon (2011)
Rosemary Markille (Oviatt -2000)
Mary McDade (Can't Locate)
Pat McMahon (2-11-17)
Gaye Morgan (Levian)
Paul Pingel (2014)
Diana Marie Streb (McCord)
Mary Sullivan (Martin 12-11-2019)
Connie Trevino (Parrish)
Robert Joe Uithoven-Ross

Guest Members

Sylvia Fisher
Mike Jannsen (Class Of 72)
Amos Jones -Through Jr Yr
Scott Mastenbrook
Mary Staten -Through Jr Yr