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08/13/21 01:44 PM #14    


Joe Northrop

Howdy Everybody, Was looking forward to reconnecting, but have to cancel my plans to attend. My Mom moved in with me (temporarily) in March of 2020 after her seniors place went on lockdown...she never left😩  Ive become a caregiver by default. I have someone who spends days with her, and another lady who stays nights when I'm away. This lady was sick all week and tested positive for the Delta variant of Covid yesterday.  Not really possible to arrange for a replacement, so I'll miss you all. I hope you all have a great time! Best, Joe (please use my payment for the event however you wish)







08/14/21 12:33 PM #15    


Patti/Tricia Marlatt (Scully)

Many, many thanks to the Reunion Committee for your time, energy and dedication.  Last spring, when we confirmed our reunion attendance, I never would've believed we would be facing the Delta variant.  We are vaccinated but we are also helping to provide caregiving for my Mom.   I guess I don't need to say anything more.  I am very, very sad to miss our 50+1 Reunion, especially since it is a once in a life time event!   Hello to everyone and I wish you all well!  To our Gang of Ten, please use our contribution in whatever way helps our Class of '70.  Best Always,  Tricia Scully a.k.a. Patti Marlatt

08/14/21 07:41 PM #16    


Diane Sprouse (Hutchens)

Hi - I had my Delta Variant Booster Shot today at Meijer. Feeling great. Patti -- I am so sorry to hear that you won't be there. E-mail at and I will e-mail you copies of pictures from our senior trip to the Double JJ Ranch. You are in several of them. My best to you and  your family, and hope you all stay well.


08/15/21 11:45 AM #17    

Robert Rooney (*)

I'm looking forward to attending.  The surge is being driven by the unvaccinated. Not to disparage anyone.  Vaccinated reportedly have around a 3% chance of contracting it.  Vaccine also supports effective management if you get it.  I have to believe the population attending this event has a very high vaccination rate, probably close to the ND football team, which is over 90%.  Certainly higher than the general public and I'm out in it every day.  The reunion is special event and I don't want to miss it. Plus we don't have many more and I still have some scores to settle while I still can....  Didn't realize the booster is available, certainly look into that.  Plus I'll test before visiting elderly relatives.  To the esteemed committee:  will the food and beer of those cancelling be divided up for those attending?

08/15/21 05:04 PM #18    

Debbie Gladysz (Ulrich)

Hey class of 70! My plans to attend have to be canceled. Unfortunately I awoke this morning with a sore throat and coughing. I think it's pobably my annual late summer cold but I would hate for it to be of concern for anyone there. SInce all has been paid for, I now have "Travel Funds" for future use. As far as the money I sent to Carol, just apply it to the scholarship fund. I'll keep my eye open for something in Oct. Maybe get to go to one of those MOB lunches. Have fun. Can't wait to see the pictures.

08/15/21 08:53 PM #19    

Mikee Brogger (Knoll)


08/16/21 07:31 PM #20    

Jim Cabaniss (*)

The Reunion,

I will be taking a ferry to Hilton head Island (just declared in a state of emergency this morning) when I get to the Haig Point debarkation center, I will be transported via shuttle to the HH airport where I will board a plane for Washington DC, once there I will whisked around the airport by wheelchair to another waiting plane that will take me to Grand Rapids. My nephew is picking me up but insists that I ride in the back of his pick-up. My sister is loaning me her car with two stipulations the first is that we have no contact (she has a much higher risk of a breakthrough infection then most of us). Second, I will have the car sanitized before I return it to her,

My first activity when I get to Kalamazoo will be to get a booster to   maximize whatever protection the first two jabs gave me. I am not worried about what exactly they are putting in me because after what I have done to my body over the last 69 years…I just don’t think there is much they could surprise me with. Even if they inject a micro-transmitter to keep track of me, then I’ll be able to call them if I get lost,

I will have a MASK and if anyone feels that I may pose a risk to them I will even put it on. I may even bring a gown. gloves and goggles in case anyone wants a hug. I also plan on wearing my cowboy hat to protect me from meteor storms. I will have my own personal hand sanitizer and am even bringing a flask of white lighting, from the back hills of Virginia, somewhere between a 160 and 180 proof. so that if anyone coughs near me, I can take a swig. It will kill every germ in my body and my breath will kill any virus within 20 yards of me. The draw back is that to many swigs and it will kill me.

If some of you feel I have lost my sanity you would be wrong. I just don’t see much need for it in the world today.

I would like to point out what we all know but some choose not to remember. ALL OF THEESE PRECAUTIONS, INCLUDING THE VACCINES, ARE ONLY MENT TO SLOW THE VIRUS DOWN, THEY WILL NOT PREVENT IT.

I will end by paraphrasing a quote from the internationally renowned Psychiatrist Maj.  Sidney Freedman.

Anger turned inward is depression, anger turned sideways is Humor.

08/16/21 09:20 PM #21    

Doug Pawloski

Very interesting

08/16/21 10:57 PM #22    

Richard Wunderlin, Jr.

That's great reading! You ROCK! DW.

08/17/21 02:31 PM #23    


Chris Stender

Brian, I am taking your advice about clean underwear, but many days I don't wear any at all.

I am so looking forward to getting together with good old friends i have missed out on being with. Being so far away in San Antonio has preventing me from being with y'all!  I hope to catch up with many of you.

As a Covid 19 virus recipient, I am happy that my wife and I were in good health and recovered after minor symptoms over a 3 week period, and therfore have good antibodies to prevent futher problems with Covid. (as everyone knows, keeping up on Vitamin D, Zinc, Vitamin C supplements, good exercise and healthy eating will strengthen the immune system to help avoid serious infections.  The doctor prescribed protocols of Ivermectin, nebluized hydrogen peroxide, and hydroxychloroquin are over 90% effective in preventing serious infection when treated early if you catch the virus.  There are other newer protocol treatments that appear to being working as well.  Please be prepared if you catch the virus as we all want good health for each of us and our loved ones.

FYI: The data for the “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” with 95% to 99% of COVID-related hospitalizations and deaths being attributed to the unvaccinated is not from recent data. They are taking the data from Jan 1, 2021 up to July. At January less than 1% were fully vaccinated, so of course, that data would show 99% of deaths from unvaccinated. But if you take recent data since the Delta variant (the primary variant being spread now), the 95% to 99% reported is totally FALSE!!! Recent data shows the hospitalization and deaths rates for vaccinated people are 85-90% (Israel), 87% (Scotland), 80% (Barnstable Co. Massachusetts), demonstrating the vaccinated are at higher risk than unvaccinated for the Delta variant. Hopefully, the new booster will help for the Delta variant.

The good news is that even though the Delta variant is more easily spread, it is less virulent. The United Kingdom's presentation, their 16th report on the mutations, and what they demonstrated is that the Delta is more contagious but it’s far less deadly, far less worrisome. In fact, it’s a much weaker virus than both the U.K. [Alpha] and the South African [Beta] variants.” Serious hospitalizations and deaths are at a much lower overall rate.

08/17/21 02:45 PM #24    

Linda Adair (Matyas)

To Jim C. and Brian D., you are both a couple funny guys. I am sure you will see the humor in the white van and the guys in rubber suits meeting you at the door. The funny farm is a really nice place this time of the year.

Gaang of 10

08/17/21 02:56 PM #25    

Linda Adair (Matyas)

Hi again,

If you are coming to Niko's by way of I-94, be aware that both Portage Rd and Sprinkle Rd eastbound exits are closed. If you do not exit at the Westnedge ramp, you will have go about another 10 miles to the Galesburg exit (mile marker 85) and then you wil lhave to backtrack to Comstock. No fun. Again, this is just for Eastbound traffic. Westbound can exit ok.

There are any number of ways to get to Niko's 5852 Kings Highway, Kalamazoo. If you get lost, call Paul Matyas or text him at 269-365-8084.

Gang of 10

08/17/21 06:44 PM #26    

Jim Cabaniss (*)

Hey Linda,


JC Coupy

08/17/21 07:31 PM #27    


Diane Sprouse (Hutchens)

Linda -- Thank you for the update on the exits! Hope not to have to call but glad to have the number. I am really not familiar with that side of town since I grew up on the westside. Looking forward to seeing everyone and the funny guys as well.


08/18/21 11:21 AM #28    

Doug Pawloski

I regret having to cancel my attendance at the reunion at this late date. I have come down with a head cold and can't make the long drive to Michigan. If there is any money left use it for whatever you deem appropriate.

08/18/21 11:22 AM #29    

Doug Pawloski

I regret having to cancel my attendance at the reunion at this late date. I have come down with a head cold and can't make the long drive to Michigan. If there is any money left use it for whatever you deem appropriate.

08/19/21 02:24 PM #30    

Linda Adair (Matyas)

Gee whiz Doug. We are so sorry you can't make the reunion as we were all looking forward to seeing you. Take care of the sniffles and hopefully we'll see you at the next one.

Gang of 10

08/20/21 08:16 AM #31    


Chris Stender

#&^#%$!+&#&!!!, I had been looking forward to our time together for along time. I 'm going to miss yall badly!!! Its been 25 yrs since I had the flu, but I have those symptoms now (no loss of taste or smell).  I pray God blesses each of you, both those who will meet together and those who can't make it and your families.

"Ahora bien, sabemos que Dios dispone todas las cosas para el bien de quienes lo aman, los que han sido llamados de acuerdo con su propósito." (Romans 8:28)

08/20/21 12:09 PM #32    

Victor Cekola (*)

      Sorry, Chris. I couldn’t make out what you were saying in your second paragraph any more than I understood your opening remark in the  first.  I hope to see both of you the next time around.

08/20/21 03:41 PM #33    

Linda Adair (Matyas)

So sorry you can't make it Chris. We were all counting on seeing your smiling face to grace the reunion. We will plan on seeing you at the next reunion in 4 years.

Gang of 10 reunion committee

08/20/21 07:19 PM #34    


Diane Sprouse (Hutchens)

Is there a list of who is coming? Just curious.


08/22/21 09:58 PM #35    


Debbie Vorick


Terri and I are working on photos and a few videos of the dance floor and band. Will have them available ASAP. Wonderful to see you all! 

Deb Vorick and my side kick Terri




08/25/21 08:20 AM #36    

Steve Drag

50+1 reunion was great!  Thank you Gang of 10 for your hard work.  What a great group of people!

08/25/21 07:08 PM #37    

Deborah Brown (Windover)

Thank you everyone who was involved in making the 50 + 1 class reunion such a wonderful success.  It was so much fun seeing everyone, connecting with friends and listening to the wonderful stories that were told.  Everyone looks fabulous.  The women are all beautiful and the men are as handsome as they were when in high school.  Have a great year ahead and hope to see you all again soon and hopefully our friends who couldn't make it will make it next time.     Deb 

08/26/21 02:50 PM #38    

Linda Adair (Matyas)

Hi all,

The photos generously taken by Deb Vorick and Terri Weidauer have been posted to the website under the clever label located on the left side of the home page as "50+1 reunion photos". If anyone has any photos they would like to share on the Class of 1970 website, please send them to Linda and Paul Matyas email

From the Class of 70 Lost and Found department, a pair of 'Timberland' sunglasses were left at the reunion. If you would like them back, please send an email or call Linda or Paul at 269-365-8084.

Lastly, the reunion was an absolute blast. More fun from the event will be shared soon.

Gang of 10

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